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-Full cycle support
– ANDRO Support
– Liver Support
– Prostate Support
– Heart Health
– Cholesterol Control


The aggressive supplement and nutrition choices that athletes follow can strain their liver and internal organs and cause other side effects like prostate problems, high blood pressure, and cholesterol concerns. Cycle Shot is designed to support your vital organs and normal body function despite the hardcore lifestyle habits of hardcore athletes. We all want to prevent side effects and be in optimal health and shape. With Cycle Shot, you can rest assured that you will cover all your needs, whether you are on a cycle, post-cycle, or simply looking for daily overall health.


Our Ingredients

We chose trademarked and patented ingredients like Agmass, Nitro Rocket, and AstraGin because of their numerous scientific studies. On top of that, they're reputable companies that have proven to provide consistently high-quality ingredients. We also focus on hormone balance and control with compounds such as Testosurge, Tudca, and DIM. We wanted nothing but the best for our supporters, and we wanted to ensure the products we'd developed for you upheld the quality, needs, and health concerns of any athlete.